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Bathaus is laying down new tracks as we speak, literally. The latest, “Darkheart,” through Unspeakable Records‘ compilation disc, was uploaded just a few days ago and then reblogged by Bathaus a couple of hours ago. Talk about supply and demand, because there certainly is some. Creating digital getaways with a heavily layered ambience, Bathaus brings the underground club to you. Mixing electronica, a pinch of modern hip hop, and experimental noise, this is music to drowsily dance to in spurts and/or sit in a dark corner and let the sounds wash over you. Electronica has never felt so oddly intimate.

On “Us,” one of the older tracks, feminine chanting echos through a hallway of Renaissance period art. It’s this strange concoction of using a newer medium to create a classically influenced sound that keeps listeners lingering. The lyrics, if there are any, are unintelligible and mere whispers on the cusp of disintegrating altogether. Mystique and repetition embody the song; it’s an endless pursuit of beauty for beauty’s sake.

Bathaus is Boston-based and collaborates with many, including Dead Art Star, creating iconic artwork as well as experimental music. Witches, weird pop, goth and grunge celebrities, and art history are all cited inspirations, all of which are commonly seen in the New England lexicon but are still pretty fun. Bathaus’s interpretations are focused and guttural. The group wants you to get closer, share your body, and empty your pixelated brain onto the carpet. Their official debut album, Bastien, is available through Phantasma Disques.

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