Bat House – “Twist”


Nearly a year after its release, Bat House’s “Twist” remains as relevant and brilliant as ever. It oozes with indie pop appeal, yet it is just charmingly weird enough to not be the same-old generic electronically driven indie pop that you hear on every alternative music station.

Emmet Hayes sings The current overflows our mind. But simultaneously, the dreamy vocals and aggressively punching psychedelic guitar lines and percussion fill your mind to an equal extent. As a result, you’re plunged into a multicolored, utopian world of sounds that dodge and bound rhythmically.

The best thing about Bat House is that they are never predictable—you expect each song to have a form and definite course of action, but are instead lead down a pleasantly chaotic trail of sounds. However, you can always rely on them for an irresistibly unique psych pop tune time and time again.

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