Bashful Slasher – Visitor EP


Dann Lawrence is a longtime Boston underground pop head. He’s a vet, having played under the banners of the likes of WHIP APPEAL, BUSHMASK, THE FUCKTROTS, and yes, BASHFUL SLASHER. All that and I’m pretty sure he’s not yet 25. Anyway, I’ve long been a fan.

Lawrence’s solo recordings have generally been of a deeply underground nature, lo-fi to say the least. This new one though, VISITOR EP its called, sounds amazing. The drum sounds especially, are terrific. The recordings sound very organic, and raw, but never cave to lower fidelity.

“I Lost It” (originally a WHIP APPEAL tune) is a perfectly nasty bit of scuzz laden synth/ guitar rock. It jerked me and herked me right into an eternal post-punk moment in my mind. It’s a moment where much of this music exists. A post-glam time deeply yearning for the coming of DEVO and WIRE and such. Same goes in the best way possible for the inaugral track of this 6-songer, “Fluorescent White”. A driving concoction of JONATHAN/ LOU rumble pop that’s here right in time for summer. “Visitor” smacks of the smooth, soulful indie rock of Montreal’s HOMESHAKE. It’s a great sound that you rarely hear fucked with especially in these parts. Look out NYC (probably Bushwick or something right?) word is Dann is camping out among you all in the here and now. Lawrence also just released the TOX DILLY EP but haven’t had time to digest that yet. Great stuff as always.

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