Baron – Weeping Creep

Ambient Noise Metal Soundscapes


Weeping Creep is the brainchild of Aaron Brown, the mastermind behind the creation of this powerfully minimal, yet tasteful album, that begins to push the envelope of where music can take the listener. The release features many artists currently navigating Boston’s underground including, Nick Giordano, Peter Landry, Eduardo Ortiz, William Ferguson, Josh Cooper, Lane Shi Otayonii, and Jack Whelan. This album is a part of Shadowtrash Tape Group‘s collection.

Baron‘s otherworldly release is an atmospheric epic full of soundscapes that truly complement their amusing titles. From “Curb Stomped Outside the Cantina” is devastating in its impact on the scaly, reptilian motive found in “Lizard King”; the essence of this music is a substance that you don’t just hear… you feel it right behind your eyes. This album is not for those seeking mindless music to passively listen to, each track is as captivating as the last, beginning with “Curb Stomped Outside the Cantina” and concluding with “Slowly Searing Stag”, a hauntingly hazy hallucination seen in a nighttime bonfire.

Weeping Creep is the second of Baron’s albums, Misery Swim was released last year and can be found at Hungry Ghost Press for purchase. Weeping Creep can be found on Bandcamp, or can be bought through Shadowtrash Tape Group. Both albums are available exclusively on cassette.

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