DAVE WITTE, known around the world as one of THE fastest most technical drummers on the planet. I’ve gotten the pleasure to interview him during his non-stop touring schedule with MUNICIPAL WASTE, which currently just ended a North American tour with Napalm Death. Most recently he is drumming for Municipal Waste/Argonauts but has been in so many notable bands such as Discordance Axis, Melt Banana, Black Army Jacket, Human Remains, Exit 13 and the list goes on, here we get inside the mind for a moment with an over achiever in the music world and as an older man, A Redford, A Selleck, he isn’t stopping any time soon.

Interview by Robin Goodhue

Have you ever gotten into a fist fight?

I liked Scissorfight much better. I’ve never been in one of those, but they were always one of my favorite bands! Totally underrated!

Being from Jersey, what early local bands did you used to check out that only you would remember? And what was your first band called?

My favorite band ever is Ripping Corpse from Red Bank, NJ. They were also my biggest influence. My first bands was called The Remnants, we were like the Ramones.

There is a facebook event for a one/off Human Remains Jersey reunion in 2014 that was created in 2010 should people take off work for that?

Totally. April 1st is the perfect day for an event like that. Actually, that will never happen.

Tour bus drivers. Have any tried to out party Municipal Waste?

We had one guy that was terrible and we had to replace him. He stayed up while the show was happening and drank beers as well. His name was Mike. I wish I remembered his last name as he is the definition of a terrible worker/person. Totally put us in jeopardy multiple times.

East West Blast Test with Chris Dodge of Slap A Ham/Spazz – tell us a little about recording those records.

Great times and lots of fun. The first one was much better than the second. I recorded all the drums without any material to play along to and the spot and mailed them to Chris. He would then write and record all the other instruments on top of the drum base.

You seem to have a great knowledge in beer. Let us know your involvement in the beer world as I lick my lips.s

I’m a huge fan and avid collector. I like getting big beers and aging them in my basement. The beer world is going crazy right now, there are so many great ideas and beers around these days that its had to not fall in love with craft beer. Pretty Things in your area are doing great things. I have endless love for Three Floyd’s, Surly and Hardywood breweries. They are producing some of the finest beer in the US. Three Floyd’s is making a Municipal Waste beer as well. Seek them out

You’ve been to Boston a hundred times – please tell us your some of your favorite Proper Nouns here.

Car. Fart and Defnasty.

Why on earth do you sometimes tour with Melt Banana? I’ve always wondered that.

Because they rule, duh. If you’re not a melt banana fan, your missing out on some of the most unique music going. I was totally honored to be a part of that band for a bit.

Your new band Argonauts is now members of Revocation tell us about whats in the works for the band.

I love that band. It’s hard to get everyone together these days as both Waste and Revo tour heavily, but basically it’s a darker/heavier version of Burnt by the Sun that’s starting to find it’s own legs. We work on it whenever we can.

Just like everything in the world there are bad habits to avoid when starting out. What’s your advice for new drummers to avoid?

Learn how to play a basic beat and develop good timing before you try to be the fastest drummer in the world. Also be open to all forms of music and play with people that are more talented than you it will really help you learn faster and push you harder.

Have you ever considered growing your hair out and wearing some skinny jeans and patches on your cut off denim jacket?

I did that when I was a teenager many moons ago.

You just got off tour with Napalm Death. what is it like to you getting to play with some of your heroes?

It was one of the best tours I’ve ever been on and I made some really great new friends. The Napalm guys are really great stand up people. Watching them throw down each night was a real treat.

Any thoughts on age restricted shows? All Ages vs 21+?

All ages all the way. It’s a bummer people are denied access to shows due to age. I understand why each establishment may have to do so, but I love seeing kids enjoying and learning something for the first time at a young age.

You seem to almost remember everyones name and make people feel at ease wherever you go and are especially kind to every fan. How do you do it without snapping?

Simple. Treat people how you want to be treated. We’re all the same, I just happen to play drums, that’s what I do. Being a dick is a waste of time. I’m also very fortunate and happy that I am able to play drums and music that people appreciate, what’s not to love about that? If people weren’t supportive or didn’t care, I’d probably would be working some job that wouldn’t make me as happy as am I now from playing music.

And finally give us and inside look on some of your latest projects you are working on and when the next time you will be performing in Massachusetts.

I have a bunch of nameless stuff I’m working on currently besides Argonauts. There is talks of another Birds of Prey album and I’m also working on a project called Topless Wytch.

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