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Reel Time Records has shot out another killer chunk of vinyl that continues the Rotcore tradition of sleazy, freaky rock ‘n roll. The 7″ roars to life with Bad Taste’s revamped version of “Warzone High”, where the tune gets a psych-y 60s makeover and spares no expense in perfecting the transformation: seething, dripping guitars pushing open chords drowned in jangly rotary; pokey drumbeats that combine the sounds of the Flower Power movement and Gunsmoke reruns; screeches so vile that they would put any God-fearing banshee to shame. The A side melts into noodly oblivion but doesn’t go down without a fight – so when it finally peters out, you have absolutely no idea what the B side will bring. Enter Braincar with their gnarly Beach Boys cover. Reeling organs over fuzzy, single-coil drone and strung-out “La-la-las” make this classic new again, and the song always feels more like a reverent treachery than a half-hearted cover. Pick up a copy from Reeltime and beg your gods to send another release sometime soon.

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