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Bad Noids — Rats Live On No Evil Star


Following up on their previous LP for Katorga Works, Cleveland scum punx Bad Noids are back with a new seven-song 7″ record. This is by far their best material to date. It’s always a pleasure to hear another batch of their mutated, degenerate, mid-paced punk-rock slop.

The bass lines are memorable, the guitars are abrasive, and the lyrical delivery is nasty and nihilistic but tinged with a refreshing amount of straight-up goofy humor. Bad Noids have a spazzy, manic attitude like a little kid on a week-long binge of nothing but Ritalin, Mountain Dew, and Count Chocula. This general combination of silly and sleazy, combined with their flights into straight noise-rock/no-wave territory, leave me feeling like they would have made for a great live pairing with Boston’s own late, great Fat Day.

Of course, as can be the case with 7″ releases, Rats Live On No Evil Star (which is a palindrome!) ends far too quickly. This just means you’ll need to play it over and over again between now and whenever the band releases another full-length. If that’s just not enough Noids for you, make the trek to New York’s Alright next month, where you can see them alongside Part 1, Kromosom, Anasazi, Institute, Pleasure Leftists, Warthog, Sheer Mag, La Misma, Sadist, Aspects of War, Raw Distractions, L.O.T.I.O.N., Ajax, Glue, S.H.I.T., Dawn of Humans, and many more mutated manglers.

Rats Live On No Evil Star is available now on Saucepan Records.

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