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Cleveland’s Bad Noids aren’t progressive, and they aren’t revolutionary. But that’s perfectly fine, because what they ARE is a rippin’ hardcore outfit with a nack for those dark, creepy-crawly riffs that drive me up a wall. Their 12″ clocks in under 20 minutes and each and every second smacks like a belt to the ass. Plenty of the songs (“Stick Around” is a good example) are rooted in straight 80s hardcore riffs, but there’s also a surprising number of influences: the singer’s caterwauling sounds straight out of Rochester; tunes like “Roth’s Children/ Lizard People” use noise in all the right places and strike me as youthcore-gone-rocknroll. And yet the whole thing is somehow cohesive, wrapped up in chunky fuzzy bass, syncopated snappy 80s drumbeats, and classic red-hot guitar tones spitting out solos in the wrong key (which sounds so right). But the real cream of the album, without a doubt, is “My Country”, with all its “Louie, Louie”-era bluesiness, its weeping and convulsive screams, its raucous overdriven harmonica. So what these dudes really are is strangely eclectic, a group focused on lightning-fast choppy rock but willing to search in new places for the pieces to their sound. Scope out this 12″ on Katorga Works and delight yourself with the three-course delicacy that is ‘Bad Noids’.

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