Bad History Month – Old Blues


In April, the Boston based band Bad History Month, FKA Fat History Month, released their latest album Old Blues off Exploding in Sound Records. The album is almost like a series of diary entries, marking the woes that come with the transition from childhood to adulthood. The album’s first track, “Waste Not”, is a clear representation of the overall theme of the body of work.

It’s dynamic in instrumentation and tone throughout the song, and progresses from a mellow foreboding begging to a more aching and tormented tone, representing the anguish that can come with growing up. This song is a darker, knowing, cautionary tale with the message that most of the time, ignorance really is bliss. In “Waste Not”, the lyrics, “I wasn’t always a washed up whale/ Beached and bloated/ And trapped in the past/ In fact once upon a time I was a little plastic beach ball/ That can move Pretty. Fucking. Fast.” speak about the truth of time’s impact of having a greater understanding of the world around you as a burden. In “Grudges”, he sings, “But the truth won’t set me free”, again digging into that enlightenment isn’t always pleasant or satisfying.

In a previous interview posted on TalkHouse, leading man Sean Sprecher speaks about making music with meaning that lasts with friend and fellow musician,Rick Maguire, of the also Boston-based band, Pile. To him, it’s important to be able to come back to a song at any point in time and still find it applicable years later, through growing pains and change. As we’re living in a time where the world around us is changing immensely, the lyrics hit home in new and unexpected ways.

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