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I realize that this website isn’t called NEW ORLEANS HASSLE, but lately I can’t seem to stop myself from writing about bands from Louisiana. This morning I fell in love with this song from BABES, from their just-released album on PIZZA BURGLAR. “THE WORLD NEEDS MORE RETARDED PUNK BANDS LIKE BABES” is proudly stated on the PB website and I couldn’t agree more. I’m pretty sure this band is 3 people, keyboard, guitar, drums plus reverby mental patient vocals, that’s all you need really. I just realized that all of my favorite bands from Louisiana feature vocals that sound like they’re on the verge of a mental breakdown/homicidal rampage/drug overdose. I am very into how clean the guitar is on this song, it balances nicely with those creepy keyboards. This band also wins a million points for their beautifully designed GIF heavy website, BABESUNIVERSE.NET. They’re touring this fall and I sure hope they bring their swamp to Boston.

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