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Thrashy punk-pop from Vancouver. B-Lines know their strengths, and they keep things short and sweet with this one-sided 7″ coming out on Kingfisher Bluez. Together, the songs run for a whopping 2 minutes and 22 seconds, but I wouldn’t have it any other way; sometimes great things come in small packages, and B-Lines take this philosophy to its end. This music is best when consumed quickly and repeatedly, but that’s not to say that these songs are unmemorable. Insanely hooky title track “Tell Me” is a surprisingly verbose number that somehow has room for several catchy, stomping choruses and a seriously tasty guitar solo before halting to a stop. The next track “You Are Here” is less than half as long, a punkier number that somehow has a slight proto-hardcore touch; think Middle Class’ earth-shattering 1978 EP “Out of Vogue.” On their Facebook page, B-Lines list Redd Kross, Descendents, and Angry Samoans as influences (I would add Buzzcocks in there as well), and you can absolutely hear the influence that all of these bands’ speedy, hooky, humorous, snotty and brief early works has had on B-Lines. And for more recent touchstones, I can’t help but compare this 7″ to Toys That Kill or The Love Triangle. If you’re looking for a great way to spend 2 minutes of your life, pick up this killer 7″ from Kingfisher Bluez ASAP.

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