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Rejoice, because Axis:Sova, the project of experimental rock mastermind Brett Sova has a new 7” out on Richie Records, the label that has recently put out fantastic albums from Purling Hiss and Spacin’. Axis:Sova’s music is the sound of spacy, hazy bliss, similar to some of the songs on Spacin’s excellent LP Deep Thuds and the work of krautrock and experimental rock pioneers like Neu! And Faust. The a-side, “Past The Edge,” is a trancey psyched-out journey through time and space, replete with thick, fuzzy basslines, (possibly) backwards guitar, and monotone, perfectly droning vocals. After the vocals cut out halfway through the song, leading-man Brett Sova continues to instrumentally explore the themes laid out earlier in a hypnotic conclusion. While “Past the Edge” remains relatively grounded in rock n’ roll songcraft, the b-side “Graded On A Curve” breaks the confines of Earth’s gravitational pull and blasts off into the stratosphere on a journey to where the most spaced-out rock n’ roll experiments reside. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out something concrete to say about a song this ethereal, dreamy, and fluid, but there’s just something about the gorgeous “Graded On A Curve” that draws you into the strange world it creates and makes you never want to leave. Pick this awesome 7” up from Richie Records.

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