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So sue me, I’m into this track. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE dude Avery Tare done gone solo again kind of, having released ENTER THE SLASHER HOUSE on very large British indie label, DOMINO RECORDS a few weeks back. The album is the first issued under the AVEY TARE’S SLASHER FLICKS moniker, which is actually a trio featuring a former DIRTY PROJECTOR, and a former PONYTAIL (oh, how I miss that band). All of the album’s songwriting is credited to Tare, which includes the song for which we have a video above, “Little Fang.” I’m loving the lo-fi funkiness of this thing, clean + warped vocals, the whole thing bubbling with an exuberance that shines through the gauzy sheen that coats the endeavor. Directing your thoughts toward that of Tare related (at times at least) strange poppers like ERIC COPELAND and ARIEL PINK will set you off on your journey correctly. The cat puppet of the video, directed by Abby Portner, is on a journey of its own, finding itself finally among, who else, the carnival freaks. The puppet was designed by the Jim Henson Creature Shop, which of course rules. And for once for a “bigger indie artist”, not that we cover them that much here, I was able to find full credits for the video which you can find below. A mellow, pop centered experience. I can get into it. Looking forward to hearing the whole record. Also, pretty into the album covert art (see below).


Little Fang puppet by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop
DP: Charles J Gibson
Puppeteer: Tim Lagasse
2nd Puppeteer: Alex Griffin
Puppet Wrangler: Michael Wick

Film Crew
Gaffer: Adam Bial
Key Grip: Farisai Kambarami
1st AC: Collin Brazie
1st AC: Mike ross
2nd AC: Alicia Pharris

Editor & VFX: Abby Portner
Bands Costumes: EC2 clothing
Ret Turner Rentals

Stylist: Kiyomi Hara

PA / Design assistants:
Danny Diaz
Joey Gallagher
Ryan Hanami
Anthony Rivera
Luis Rivera

Dorton’s LA Circus in Riverside, CA
McCadden Studio Space in Hollywood, CA


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