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Philadelphia’s Avery Rosewater just dropped two new tracks on Treetop Sorbet, a label run by the project’s singer Julian-Rossow Greenberg, which has put out an unerring succession of elven-crafted guitar-pop releases. There’s a special purity that hovers around labels like Treetop Sorbet, whose approach seems to be based heavily in notions of community and music for its own sake. The label’s description reads, “We like guitars and beer, not always in that order,” reminding us that creation of music is, in its ideal, a simple and organic process. Avery Rosewater fits into the sound spectrum Philadelphia’s other craftsmanship-pop bands between the chilly psych of The Interest Group, the meticulously tracked guitar textures of Brendan Codey. the Springsteen-worship atmospherics of The War On Drugs, or any of the myriad of other projects that Julian-Rossow Greenberg plays in or releases through his label.

The two recent tracks manage to be just as lackadaisical as they are driving. In the title track, you can hear a faint in-studio shout counting off the wistful yet soothing chord progression. Noodling hooks recur, sunlit harmonies coo in background, and finally the boys bust out an extended Feelies’ style, front-and-center guitar solo. In our present climate of breezy minimalist indie rock, where Real Estate is its own genre tag on (no disrespect), it’s nice to hear something with the virtuosity of a rustic Allman Brothers noodle. Stay tuned to Treetop Sorbet for more charming, homespun releases.

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