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FORM DESTROYER is the first full-length release by Chicago-based noise blaster AUDITOR, out on Apex Armouries. Maybe the title lacks subtlety, and sure the music may not be entirely formless, but the sentiment is true. Overall, this is some Lovecraftian, capital-W Weird shit, and it‘s beautiful if you’re into that sort of thing.

This is music that relinquishes consistent form in favor of a tar sand goo that takes on different shapes, while remaining consistently misanthropic throughout the whole run. Albums like these are the ones that remind you that the word “noise” didn’t come from “nausea” for no reason. Not that there isn’t structure to the album’s sparse beats and amalgamation of styles, but what unities of form that do appear are temporary, ensconced in a raggedy blanket of unarticulated industrial murmurs and black metal gurgles.

The skeleton of the third track, “Betrayer of Sleep,” is straight up drone-doom, while the longest and final track, “I Can Never Be Far Enough From You,” is truer to the album’s title. The latter piece deploys a seething background as the canvas on-which it paints a formless, industrial ambiance studded with guitar that feedbacks and drones. For all its gloom and doom though, the album playfully shifts between idioms. Not devoid of form, but nonetheless a multiplicity of forms in ever-changing states of solidity.

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