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XEROX is the first album from the experimental house duo, ATM, the fruit of collaboration between two talented yet distinct beatsmiths, Perfume Advert and M/M. Xerox breaks down certain house conventions, stripping it of cliche, and distilling the style to a most chill form. The cheesy vocal samples and lyrics that seem to plague much house music are here replaced with a palette of more inventive sounds, resulting in a trippier, more fun vibe than the stuff you’re likely to hear in a shopping mall.

Album opener “Colour Block” starts things off with a heady groove, before turning towards a more minimal, but nonetheless beat driven approach in the second track “Yves.” The fourth track, “Pre-Modern,” and seventh track, “Shukran,” on the other hand, take a plunge into sheer cybernetic ambiance. Overall the tracks have a nice variety of colors and emotions- from melancholic to upbeat- but remain immersed in the hazy atmosphere that holds the album together. All together it’s a felicitous listen for late night excursions into realms virtual or not.

Perfume Advert and M/M are two of the first artists to be picked up by Vancouver-based 1080p Collection. In less than two years the little label has put out a prolific run of cassettes by an international selection of electronic artists. While Xerox’s initial run of 100 cassettes may be sold out, it is still available to download from 1080p’s bandcamp.

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