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Atlas Lab – “Brand New Empty House”

From the album Glory The Night released July '17


With our current sociopolitical climate, working with a clean slate—a fresh global start—sounds like the dream. Atlas Lab’s video for “Brand New Empty House” off of their album Glory the Night poses this theory with a cotton candy color palette and cosmic undertones.

Atlas Lab’s distant, dream-like, smoky lyrics coincide with the billowing curls of pink-and-blue vapors and shadows that mismatch the performers’ actions. Vocalist Solei sits in a chair with her hands on her lap while her silhouette’s arms swing to the rhythm. Lead guitar rests on the ground, untouched by Samm Bahman while strummed riffs continue to sound.

Meanwhile, the recurring image of a dimmed, planet-like orb appears with only the colored smoke for company. Not until gesturing arms surround the planet is it revived with a psychedelic glow.

A call to action or a hazy avenue to escape from a “world of hurt” via “filling up the jar”—the solution offered is not clear. “We can change it later / We can change it now.” But the universal desire for some form of recovery from pain leaves something for any viewer to resonate with, like good, mature art ought to.

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