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Hopefully you all remember “A Day at the Beach”, last summer’s hazy lazy garage-y anthem by Providence’s ATLANTIC THRILLS. In case your memory needs to be wrestled with or your S.A.D. is totally ruining you right now, go find a Lime-a-Rita in the back of your fridge, watch this video, and try not to think about how there are still four (really long) months left until you will be able to pass out AND get sun poisoning at the same time…Unless of course you’re going to TOTAL PUNK TOTAL FUCK OFF WEEKEND in Orlando at the beginning of March. Anyway, give this a whirl, it was made by ATLANTIC THRILLS’ own Kelly Riley.

Want more? On February 4th, ATLANTIC THRILLS’ self titled album comes out, following up the release of their “Day at the Beach” single, both on Brooklyn’s ALMOST READY RECORDS. ARR is giving us a sneak peek with a song that shows a bristlier side of the band. “Acid Rain” is tinged with something that feels like THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, but instead of being coddled by Mr. Warhol, it sounds like G.G. Allin’s ghost has them chained to the wall of a barn in the middle of the woods and in between lashings he’s force feeding them handfuls of questionable homemade drugs. Lou Reed would’ve crumbled under such circumstance, but I’m pretty sure this is the shit keeping ATLANTIC THRILLS alive. This song stomps all over your face, chants maniacally in your ears, lurches out of control, and eventually somehow pulls itself together. Get into it.

Don’t miss their release show in Providence on February 1st! Not from around here? They’ll be roaming around the US on TOUR this spring.
Album is available from ALMOST READY or from iTunes.

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