ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO mini-interview/ GO TO: sunday(5/15) Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa(ex-Old Time Relijun)


Arrington De Dionyso has been screwing up ears, twisting up melodies, putting out records on K Records, and forcing people to dance to his damaged sound for a long time as OLD TIME RELIJUN. He has taken his talents to a new act, ARRINGTON DE DINOYSO’S MALAIKAT DAN SINGA, keeping most of his hallmarks(wild sax/bass clarinet, post-punk beats, and mystical/psycho vocal delivery), but adding vocals sung in an Indonesian dialect and extra amounts of droning throat singing. He will be here, playing @ BATV in Brookline on sunday 5/15 w/ Fat History Month, Fuxa Natra, and Dust Commander(mems. of Oneida) and it is going to crazy yo. Here’s a little interview…
5/15 @ BATV
46 Tappan St. 3rd floor
Brookline, MA
(T green line to Brookline Hills, 66 bus to Brookline Village)

$6-$10 sliding scale
ALL AGES(and taped for tv/web)

w/ Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan
(of Old Time Relijun), Fat History Month, Dust Commander(mems. of Oneida), Fuxa Natra
1) How long have you been making music? What kind of music were
you making when you first started?

I have been writing songs and recording music since I was a teenager.
After recording three albums worth of myself basically shouting over
an acoustic guitar, I was able to save up and buy a four track and I
figured out how drums, bass, and overdubs all kind of fit together in
a way that would make sense. The four track music sort of evolved
backwards into my first band, Old Time Relijun, which, well, that just
is what it is I guess, it’s hard to explain what kind of music that
was all about!

2) What lead you to begin sing your latest records in Indonesian?

I wanted to make my own version of hallucinogenic dancehall utopia,
but I didn’t want to sing with a fake Jamaican accent, so it seemed
like a better idea would be to create freely associated raps based on
my rough translations from William Blake and the Kabbalah. Indonesian
works great both with percussive sounds and melodic sounds, it just
seemed like the most natural fit. I also like using the pentatonic
scales in Malaikat dan Singa, because you find versions of those
scales all over the world- Indonesia, Mongolia, Ethiopia, all over
Africa and Asia, really.

3) What has been inspiring you lately?

I really like the early version of the DIE ANTWOORD album, before they
got signed in the US because that one had more songs in Afrikans that
they don’t include in the US version. When they talk about the “next
level shit” I relate on a deep level because what their music
addresses to me is a space beyond satire or parody, where you create
something kind of as a joke, in a way, but you aren’t really joking at
all because you invest in the music every ounce of your own blood and
sweat to make it fly.

4) You make your home in Washington State, who are some artists,
or other interesting people/things we should know about from back where you
come from?

I will always give credit to Beat Happening for so much inspiration,
for ever and ever. Karl Blau is another Washington state brother who
deserves more recognition for his creative genius, too!

5) Why should everyone come see you play on 5/15 @ BATV in Brookline?

Malaikat dan Singa is absolutely one of the strangest, most
captivating and unreal live performances you will ever see, anywhere.
I guarantee it’s going to the best show you have seen this year, and I
will happily refund your money if you think I am wrong.

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