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ARCA – &&&&&&


Swamps&trees&mud&age&grids. Arca takes us along, consistently guiding us away from revelation or understanding. His cape is constantly covering our eyes from even catching a reflection in his. Do we think it’s funny? Ever since I first fell for “2 Blunted”…but here, we see new bravado, &&&&&…

Compared to his past discography, &&&&& is cockier, and flirtier, but also resonates, emotionally and physically. It’s mixtape format is ideal – “stream-of-consciousness” never really convinces me as a descriptor, but &&&&& genuinely gives the feeling of drifting through another’s opiated dreamworld. Every idea wants to be had, but it is elsewhere, heard through the mirror’s voice, cast into the foghorn.

So I hear a voice, or a beat, and I react. But am I always yearning for the dancefloor? Arca, with &&&&&, manages to meet me at the same place I met Burial – gazing at the dancers from the inside out, seeing the fog, and the lights, and lending as much or more importance to the periphery as the primary experience. Plus, its free.

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