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Nightstalker welcomes you mid-assault, as if you have just unwittingly walked in on a domestic meltdown detailed with frying pans thrown against walls and a case of shrieking psychosis. Opening duo “Bobbi” and “Good Friday” deliver two minutes of jarring no wave-inspired commotion. Guitars are stabbed beyond recognition, drums are utilized for their roar rather than their rhythm, and distant screams claw their way through the madness with shrill acrimony.

When the opening strings of “Knock On My Door” manage to form an actual melody, the sense of relief is palpable. The storm has passed, the havoc is history, and the barren wasteland that has been left behind is a surprisingly serene one. “Knock” works as both the literal and figurative centerpiece of this debut EP, sequenced as the third of five tracks, and arranged as the most alluring piece of music. The song swiftly glides along with celestial guitar work that swells up for the chorus and lulling monotone vocals, helping to anchor the piece back down to earth.

“Juanita” emanates from the same abandoned ballroom as “Knock”, while “Desert Corpse” rolls in like a late storm cloud, though the brazen noise assault has been reduced down to a comparatively mild exercise in guitar tension. It’s difficult to gauge which direction Androgynous Mind will head in for their next release. Thanks to Nightstalker, it’s easy to stoke anticipation.

Nightstalker is available digitally and as a limited edition 7″ via Faux Diskx

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