ANDRÉ OBIN – “Sirens”


The electronic music of André Obin creates small little worlds of its own, building them with a vibrant array of synthesizers. His latest song, Sirens, opens with a simmering sound that seems to slowly fall into and open up the rest of the song. As other synthesizers come in as small bursts, a heavy tension is built. Every new sound introduced is odd and unique, but is woven in seamlessly as if no other could belong there. The song drifts along until it finds a constant, plunking back beat, allowing the song to begin to move along at a steady pace. The vocals finally arrive, Obin’s voice filtered through effects that give it a distant and murmuring quality. The vague vocals don’t detract from the intricate electronic soundscape that has been mounting, which reaches its peak at the middle of the song. Overlaying a colorful variety of found sounds, it evolves into a thick electronic scene that brings out distinct feelings. Sirens has a water like characteristics, washing out in waves. It hypnotizes with its deep serene tone, having a calming effect. Though each individual chill synthesizer sound is simple, Obin proves that when compiled the right way they can become inexplicably emotional and complicated.

It can be downloaded now, or you can experience the André Obin’s synth pop live at Great Scott on September 10th.

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