ANCIENT FILTH – “9/11/73”


A day late, and a … its dollar short-ness is ambiguous (to be fair they sent this to us on 9/11, so they were timely), comes the vid for ANCIENT FILTH‘s “9/11/73″ a track originating on the band’s very early in 2014 released 7” YOU’RE NOTHING YOU’RE EVERYTHING. Boston working-outside-of-the-box hardcore guys going way back killed it on that 7″ creating a perfect small vinyl distillation of their unique brand of thrashy political hardcore. Listening to ANCIENT FILTH is a bit of a breath of fresh air, sounding great with their sort of, back in the (more recent) day approach, and infusing it with all kinds of weird riff and progression quirks and guitar solos. AF also mess around with a lot of different feels within their punk/hardcore framework. These guys are definitely clearing their own path in the hardcore jungle.

“9/11/73” ends before you can blink. At 56 seconds it’s a real kick in the teeth. Killer mini-guitar solo and intra-song samples come with this one which is a arrives as a reminder of Pinochet’s taking of power in Chile on 11 September 11th 1973 in a coup d’état, and the US government’s intimate involvement in such. ANCIENT FILTH asks us to look at all 9/11s which should be remembered, good or bad, and where pain was caused to us or where we caused pain for others. Sober message, ripping blast of a song. Video by The Big Event.

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