Alosi Den – Mirror Image


Faint whimpers and meandering melodies opens up Alosi Den’s most recent release, Mirror Image. ‘As You Were/Soft Decent‘ provides an apt introduction, not only to Alosi Den but indeed the album as a whole. It’s difficult to put your finger on yet the group seems comfortable blurring genres into a sum which is both familiar yet alien, blending elements of ambient, post-rock, folk, psychedelic, and even indie pop into a dreamscape which is both exhilarating and relaxing. Yeah, I’m rereading this past sentence and feeling like I make little to no sense so perhaps some examples are in order. ‘I Saw The Light‘ may be a personal favorite due to its slothful embrace of a droning like spring time sensation, all the while hearing fingers sliding across strings in a way that reminds the listener almost of distorted birds chirping. ‘Waiting for the Door to Open‘ throws in the warm glow of an organ alongside harmonized lyrics and playful fretting while ‘Always You‘ gives almost a ceremonial march like feel off as the guitar hums along to the processional cymbals, snares, and dreary fairy-tale esque vocals. And perhaps that is the larger point: Mirror Image, as an album, succeeds by providing a surreal like perspective and feel to emotional realities which are all too real. Time heals all things yet in other ways, it is the ultimate obstacle and this complex relationship with time and memory is perhaps what Alosi Den does such an incredible job to highlight. ‘Precious Time‘, the last track, ends with the lyrics ‘we’ll step into the light’ along with background noises and conversations within the final 20 seconds or so. It’s a soft yet powerful ending: take from it what you will but as for me, I’m heading outside. Take a listen and see ya there.

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