Not much information is out there about this lesser known Boston-based group, whose latest cassette-release LIVE FROM THE SCHOOL OF DISEMBODIED POETICS (also available for streaming/free DL-ing via their Bandcamp here) recently found its way into the mitts of the Hassle. But there is much about the simply beautiful music of ALOSI DEN that warrants exploring.

The primary players here are Will McCall, Tim Regan and Jack Mohrbacher, who recorded this 30+ minute, 6-track EP in a single glorious day in Allston on a few days before this past Christmas 2013. December 21st to be exact. What I can tell you about this day is that it was Beach Boy Carl Wilson’s birthday, a palindrome, and also the 1-year anniversary of that day that the Mayans predicted that the world would end. All things that somehow fit together with music that combines the gentle and the mathematical and the destructive into one cohesive work.

Whatever happened on that night, Alosi Den found themselves here at a crossroads of classic rock, weird folk, krautrock and contemporary psych in an intersection that feels both genuine and refreshing. While their ’60s influences shine though (I hear the pulse of the Doors “The End” in “Dion Fires” and the modal inclinations of Cale’s Velvets in “Aeronautic”), these influences are then cast through many other filters upon filters (the Canterbury Scene > Galaxy 500 > Drag City Records) to brew together one giant open-tuned song-cycle that alternates between fuzzed-out energy blasts and gentle incantations.

Lo-fi as this certainly is, the recording of the EP would have certainly been a blissful experience to witness–like waking up on the beach, warm with dried ocean on the skin, only still to be greeted with a salty kiss.

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