ALEX MARANTZ is another stellar example of the awesome underground pop scene that is happening in these New England parts. FUMEHOOD (a band Marantz also plays in), KRILL, PILE, FREE PIZZA, TOMBOY, METAL FEATHERS, CUFFS, DOUG TUTTLE, SARALEE, HAPPY JAWBONE FAMILY BAND, CREATUROS, THE CRATERS, REPORTS, my band NEEDY VISIONS (whoops), THE SULK SCOUTS/DYLAN EWEN, JESUS VIO, KAL MARKS, BENT SHAPES, PARASOL, SECRET LOVER, HANDS AND KNEES, FAT CREEPS and a whole bunch more, Marantz is working his magic in a seriously loose and rough around the edges kiln of inspiration. And like the best pop song writers he’s taking chances and coloring outside the lines. Lower fidelity pop nugs are strewn throughout his latest, JERRY’s NOODLES, an 18 track example of a pop table with melted psychedelic, experimental, and noise candles all over it. All of it melded together in a single thin layer of grey colored wax that now serves as the table’s new top (until you put something hot on it and it just melts again).

This should have been on MY FAVORITE BOSTON & NEW ENGLAND RECORDS OF 2013. I fucked up!! A future amendment perhaps.

JERRY’S NOODLES rules. “Carolina” blows through effortlessly. A killer chord progression, hiccuping drums, and a lyrical flow doing just that… flowing. And then at the halfway mark an agitated synthesizer storms the proceedings and just chokes the song out, the whole thing dizzily fading away. “Family Vacation” boasts the killer chorus lyrical hook: “Show Me Your Astrological Sign… And I’ll Show You Mine.” All of that found over a wonderful jangling guitar and pop back beat. “Pizza Ring” recalls early WEEN, as a good chunk of effects happy, excellent no commercial potential/intent pop must in 2014. This one is an instrumental, a minute and a half long interlude of effects heavy guitar laying down a groove over a shitty drum track and letting it fly. As a whole this is just pure awesome chill pop music done up real nice and special for you in Allston, MA. Mass Pike pop crust.

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