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Working a day job for a crazy boss usually makes people exhausted, and when they get home, they clock the fuck out. But Alessandro Cortini seems to deal with it pretty well. As far as I can tell, after Cortini exits his duties as side-guy to industrial immortal Trent Reznor in Nine Inch Nails, he spends his other waking moments making sublime, pitch-perfect ambient records.

Sonno is Cortini’s latest, out now on Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions. Its also his best yet, leagues ahead of his already impressive offerings on Important last year. Cortini apparently composed the album while on tour with NIN, using only a Roland MC-202 and the built-in soundscapes of his various hotel habitations. What a party animal.

“Di Passaggio,” as premiered by Electronic Beats, is enough to get any fan of esoteric ambience hooked. This is classic stuff, harkening back to the cosmic roots of the genre while exploring lonelier shades, an extremely personal sound that stretches out emotional limitations.

Check out the stream at EB’s website here.

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