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Psychedelic music scientist Al Lover will be doing some new experiments on his upcoming album Sacred Drugs. The first song he released from the album, “Super Strength (Power Plants)”, is an intriguing creation. It is three minutes of meandering, droning. To help set the psych atmosphere, Al Lover enlisted the help of Morgan Delt, another trippy rocker with a full discography of psych jams. Delt’s hushed chants fill the background, sucked through low droning effects. Then there is the gritty fuzz noise, which gives the whole song a sense of chaos. On top of that is whirring sounds swirl, giving the song more movement. The ominous bass line warns that a storm is coming – but that storm doesn’t come, so only time will tell what the rest of the album will hold. Piled together, what should become a mass of noise instead forms a sinister yet enchanting array of sounds. This is what happens when a master of psychedelia finds sacred territory.

Sacred Drugs comes out in early October on Psych Army Intergalactic for vinyl and Crash Cymbals for cassette.

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