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If you’ve been paying attention, you know – Ahnnu is the contemporary king of the beat tape generation. NNA Tapes recently released the follow-up to the magical World Music release from earlier this year. On the esoterically named Battered Sphinx, the LA-based Leland Jackson treats listeners to sounds seemingly geared for a warm bath on their opiate of choice – distant and detached, but embracing the warm underbelly of dissonance and collage.

“Dlo,” one of three preview tracks generously shared by the good folks at NNA, shows a brief glimpse of the treasures within. Ahnnu puts the submerged, Caretaker-esque arpeggios front and center, letting clearly defined details fill out the antechambers surrounding a simple kick. A muffled voice even tries to speak to us from beyond the horizon. Jazz is frequently referenced in the sampling world, but Jackson seems to inhabit the genre’s dedication to mood and mystery rather than just plundering its sounds. Stream “Dlo” below – pick up Battered Sphinx here.

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