Adammmmmmmmmmmm – Screenshot 2018


album artwork by Cleo Miao

Out of some odd corner of the internet comes an electronic release from experimental computer producer adammmmmmmmmm, one in Media_Rins’ small fleet of innovative digital artists. We first heard some of the material from ‘Screen Shot 2018’ at a Deep Thoughts dance party last month, a partyadammmmmmmmmm opened up by donning an orange Home Depot jumpsuit and launching into electronic meltdown. Bits of groove, melody and noise bursts were combined in unexpected and delightful ways. At the end, we were stunned by the sheer quantity of ideas and left feeling that despite its obvious recorded quality, the music captured a spirit of free improvisation we had not often heard in a dance set.

To us, adammmmmmmmmm’s music is constantly alternating between emptiness and excess, at times featuring a lone voice and at other times radical shifts in tempo and tone. Who could have anticipated these unlikely meetings? Why do these twisted compositions work so well and feel so spontaneous? Is the computer really a living, breathing instrument after all? adammmmmmmmmm may have convinced us.

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