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Adam Payne — “55 Weeks”


It can be hard to believe—in this age of drum programming and five-hour transatlantic flights—that not too long ago trains were unbelievably fast, and you could only snare roll as quick as your hands would let you. LA psych-rocker Adam Payne mixes new sounds with this old excitement in the new video for “55 Weeks” (off his October joint Reductio Absurdum, out now on Pacific Coast Editions). An impossibly accelerating, futuristic drumbeat revs the track into action, and the old night-train footage it’s paired with—white clapboard houses ghosting by, VW Bugs scudding through crossings, tracks disappearing into blackness—doubles the power of both sound and image. Soon we’re joined by Eadweard Muybridge’s famous woodcuts of animals running and jumping, coupled with music that combines wobbly bass, deadpan lyrics about a runaway criminal, and occasional chimes. The horses leap jerkily and run backwards, as though spooked by the kind of future made of atmospherics from all eras. But the riders stay on—will you?

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