2020 Year Enders

A year ender from LoLo The God

The Brockton music producer breaks it down for us and wraps up his perspective on 2020


To say the least 2020 was a rollercoaster ride for us all. from the loss of Kobe to the global pandemic. iFeel like for the last few years we were manifesting good energy for the year 2020, but it goes to show, the universe doesnt always answer the way we want it to, because none of us saw this coming 😂.

iThink This year showed us that people naturally want to be with other people. Young people traveling, partying. iCan’t even blame them because im guilty of it too haha.

Before the start of the pandemic iWas in LA working closely with Zay. planning an all out move to the west and halfway through the pandemic iWas enjoying some time in Playa Del Carmen. Meeting people in Mexico was awesome. got a chance to spread my brand around a lot of young people out there. There’s kind of a scene out there but its nothing like what we have going on in boston. They listen to a lot of electronic music. If they playing hip hop then its probably whatever is on the radio at that time.

This year iWas able to experiment with some synths, learned a little about modular synthesis, started a tik tok 🤣 and impulsively dropped a beat tape titled “Lost Child” as well as merch. With live gigs closed i’m a little upset that  iWasn’t able to get any DJ work in but i’m looking forward to next year and the years to come. In the meantime i’m Staying creative and like every year just putting my head down , getting to work.

LoLo is a Brockton based electronical music producer who recently released a beat tape called “Lost Child” , a project filled with experimentation. Listen to some Lolo The God…

LoLoTheGod · Lost Child EP

LoLoTheGod · Guns and Roses

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