A short interview w/ Sam of Space Camp

Space Camp releases their new record on 3/7 @ the State House in New Haven, CT


Dan Shea:
So, the new record OVERJOYED IN THIS WORD what’s the deal? Title sounds sarcastic, hmm? From the one track you have available things sound as wretchedly, bombasticly heavy as ever (a wonderful thing).

Sam Usifer:
The title is a Replacements lyric – it’s definitely a little tongue-in-cheek but overall I do consider this record to be about hope and resilience. Those themes can be a little hard to find in the lyrics but it’s something myself and June definitely had in mind while writing. “Fifth Grade Orchiectomy” is about finding joy in self-assurance, even when visibility remains painful.

Any touring planned for this record? I see you’re playing with one of my favorite artists PINK NAVEL for the album release in Connecticut!

We’re going out early this summer – more news on that soon. We’re also hoping to go back to Canada before the fall. Pink Navel is going to be playing the Boston show, actually.

What does Space Camp have to say about other Connecticut underground music right now? Any favs you want to share?

There’s a lot of cool stuff happening in Connecticut right now – there always is if you know where to look. Brandon at Tiny Box Booking works so hard to keep diy bands coming to Connecticut and playing great shows. Two bands we’re really excited about are Crag Mask and Let’s Get Invisible – both are playing our release show Saturday in New Haven.

The Boston release show for the record is on 3/14 @ the Democracy Center, why should people come out?? Who are you playing with?

People should come to the Boston release show because it’s at the Democracy Center, which is one of my favorite DIY venues/community spaces in the Northeast. It’s always such a great time there, and it’s a benefit for the booking collective so they can get new sound stuff, which is really important. OroborO and Pink Navel are two great artists who we’re lucky enough to have play with us. Really excited.

Double question, gets more serious as it goes along… favorite beverage you’ve started drinking with regularity in the last year?? And where the fuck do you think this whole fucking “electing” someone to run our country thing is headed, assuming you care??

In the past year I’ve been really into seltzer with bitters. It’s replaced Diet Coke as my drink ticket drink. We definitely care about the election, we kind of have to. We’re staying optimistic about Bernie securing the nomination – the accomplishments that campaign has made are seriously inspiring and we hope they continue.

3/7 Space Camp (Record Release) w/ Crag Mask, Salt People, LGI @ the State House in New Haven CT

3/14 SPACE CAMP (Record Release) / Pink Navel / OroborO @ the Democracy Center in Boston MA

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