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A dispatch from legendary Boston glam punk/garage rock musician, Bandcamp virtuoso, and visual artist


Photo by SLY

ED. NOTE: I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Willie Alexander in March of 2019.  We spent a late morning discussing Boston’s legendary garage rock scene and his place within it, as well as his recent conversion to Bandcamp and his affection for Gloucester, MA and its burgeoning music scene. Though many called Willie the undisputed king of Boston punk, he himself tended to roll his eyes at the notion. Mr. Alexander’s artistic activity and cultural influence seem to have no end in sight; he’s dabbled in genres and disciplines without cease since before The Rat closed, and 2019 saw him as not just an internationally-renowned musician but a gallery artist and an owner of a real good record player. When I reached out to Willie for a BH Year Ender, he responded with the following, sharing the ups and downs of the past year in typical impressionistic fashion. I share it now with you, BH readers.  Viva El Loco.

“wow i tell ya 2019  brought alot of death starting with Kyle the lead guitar player in The Lost back in the 60’s & then Suzie i used to live with in the 60s then Asa ive known since the 70’s

& our friend Cindi was killed in south africa Then Gabe died of a drug overdose & last week  i lost  Pete my gloucester friend ive known since i was a boy  , became a cloud and is floating over the Cut Bridge as we speak .

so this can knock the wind out of your sails & some gastro intestional surgery to recover from in may but i started doing gigs again in august in a new shirt that has served me well  with 3 bands ( one in paris ) in 2019

& i had this big ass ta ta art show in november in MARS in lanesville A RETROSPECTIVE  , curated by Susan Erony & i sold a bunch of paintings so ive been doing alot of painting again /// what i great suprise ending  .

Photo courtesy of gregcookland.com

& for Christmas i got my first real good record player ever   !!!!!!!.

i vow to put  AQUA VEGA out in 2020 on Vinal . my wife Anne Rearick has a new book of photographs & writing called True West   . & i will be part of a Benifit  for Nwabisa on Feb first  at the Milky Way in J. P from 2 to 4

love to ya & take care xxx waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!”



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