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A look at some of the filmmakers (and films) screening @ REPRESENTATIONS

7/10 REPRESENTATIONS @ Out of The Blue Too Gallery


A few words/glances at some of the filmmakers and their work that will be appearing @ the REPRESENTATIONS film screening on 7/10

Christina Kolozsvary
‘The Astronaut and The Star’

A period sci-fi psychodrama filled with pink goo, mermaids, creepy porcelain dolls, and an incredible sense of impending doom. And glitter, don’t forget the glitter!

The Astronaut and the Star – Trailer from christina kolozsvary on Vimeo.

Also, go check out her website!


Jane Urban
‘Big Little Big’

‘Big Little Big is a creative nonfiction 16mm and video piece about an exploration of American culture by means of a road trip across the United States in the summer of 2013. The the journey revolves around trips to visit the “world’s largest objects” scattered throughout the country, as well as the people, sights, and sounds captured at and on the way to these gigantic landmarks.’

If you want to read more about her experience traveling around the country and making this film, you can read the blog here: Go to to learn more about her work!



Shirin Mozafarri
‘Namesake’ , ‘I Inherit My Grandmother’s Fear’, and ‘The Story of Ama and Baba’

Through the practice of cut-out collage stop motion animation, Shirin Mozafarri takes us on a journey to a universe filled with myth and the stories of the women in her family. While the imagery is hauntingly beautiful, her poetic narratives become poignant and necessary in understanding her own personal narrative.

Curious about her other work? Check it out here:

Sarah Hachey
‘The Cinematic Embodiment of My Existential Crisis’Trapped in a world of fantasy and color, we take a look into Sarah Hachey’s inner world. Riddled with images reminiscent of a fauvist in the digital age, ‘The Cinematic Embodiment of my Existential Crisis’ reminds us that the visuals that plague us in our dreams say more about us than we think.film2
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