A Human Interest Story – Relentless


The Wendigo. An elemental of the native priest class. Similar to the golem, in

that respect. Likewise, the notion of a supernatural being run amok. The Wendi-

go, or Skinwalker, is an interesting subject.

More often than not it is tied in with cannibalism. Cannibals transform into the-

se demonic creatures and stalk all that is good and wholesome. One of many rea-

sons it is better to starve than eat your compatriots. It makes sense, really.

Don’t eat people.

Cannibalism is the usual tie in for most people and their knowledge/interest in

the Wendigo. But, of course, there are other ideas. The Wendigo may disturb li-

vestock with their presence. Strange sounds from the woods. Strange shadows. A

dead cow drained of all it’s blood hanging from a tree.

Witchy shit. The Native curse on the White man. A potent symbol. Some things a-

re better left as symbols and not given creedence to become a reality. The Wen-

digo is just a device of story-tellers. A moral tale.

It is convenient to believe such things. To cast off ideas as mere fantasy. Mo-

ther used to say, “You’re telling stories…”, implying, “You’re full of shit.”

In the Zulu tradition they have their “Kitsch-It-Tory”; similar in practically

all respects to the Wendigo.

It is said that if a couple are walking at night, and they encounter a “Kitsch-

It-Tory” – and I imagine this has been interpreted broadly for centuries – that

the couple, to prevent death or worse, must disrobe immediately and begin “mak-

ing love”. Convenient.

I smile every time I think about this. A horny human being will think of the m-

ost elaborate things to get laid. “Follow us and hide in the bushes. When I ask,

‘Do you want a berry?’, rustle the bushes and make strange sounds.”

The Wendigo as potent symbol. Or, the Wendigo as sex ploy. Superstition exploi-

ted for personal gain. It’s a powerful concept. Yet, it is better to keep it a

symbol or concept than to accept that such a being exists.

It has thousands of names. It is a transformation. Typically, degenerative tra-

nsformation. A werewolf may gain superhuman strength, but it is cursed. A vamp-

ire may live forever – feeding on others & transforming their hosts in turn – b-

ut it is only a shadow of it’s former self; a vampire has no reflection.

A qliphothic manifestation of nature. A symptom of the schizophrenic universe/m-

ultiverse. To quote one of the most bizarre of the Conspiracy Theorists, Leo Ly-

on Zagami, “If people knew what these beings were they would run in the other d-

irection.” He was referring to “Satanists”, but it applies here.

There are just some pockets of reality you want to avoid. This entices people.

Like Heroin. It’s not just bad news. When I say there are just some pockets yo-

want to avoid it’s not because I’m a crotchedy old man. There really are just

some parts of reality that you don’t need to know about.

I questioned this. I’m lucky to be alive. But, “life” is more than just being a-

live. Consider a zombie. Is a zombie alive? I walked with a zombie. And that zo-

mbie was me. I knew heroin was bad, but I didn’t know something like this was e-

ven possible.

This thing was inside me. In my mind. In my thoughts. Observing me. Bemused with

my pain. My humiliation. It silently dominated me. I thought of my childhood. A-

nd then I realized it was there. Silently watching. Dominating my consciousness.

Slowing spreading into every aspect of my life until one day it introduced itse-

lf and shattered me.

If you knew what these things were, you would run in the other direction. It’s m-

ore than a symbol. If it is a sex ploy we are merely puppets guided into reprod-

uction so that we generate more hosts.

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