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E is a trio consisting of Thalia Zedek (Come), Jason Sidney Sanford (Neptune), and Gavin McCarthy (Karate). They are one of Boston’s own & their new record ‘Negative Work’ show’s their cooperative side more than ever.

On this album, the member’s voices harmonize together with their rough and gritty guitars. The songs are thrilling, taking you every step of the way through them with both fear and excitement. Thalia Zedek’s vocals sound like they’re crying out for help in a dark and dystopian world searching for meaning. The record as a whole has a very apocalyptic and lawless vibe to it especially on songs like “A House Inside” and “Untie Me”. There is respite to be found, in calm moments like the soft guitar picking in “Hole in Nature” or the slow beginning build up in ‘One in Two’. However, the songs that start out calm progress, building suspense toward the big moment where it all comes crashes down.

“Cannibal Chatroom” is easily my favorite track on this record. The drumming complements the low vocals perfectly and provides a surreal out-in-the-desert-like experience.

One of the most prominent aspects of this collection is the odd choices of tones and notes and how the trio make it work perfectly. Take the intro to ‘Down She Goes’ for example; Jason Sanford’s instrument almost sounds like a keyboard on loop forever, and I experience anxiety while listening to it. The production is also on point, The people at Machines With Magnets really made sure the mixing and layering are never too glossy, never too raw for what E is trying to accomplish.

This album is truly an experience to listen to. The talent and thought put into this record really makes it a pleasure to the ears no matter what your general listening preferences. If you’re in the mood for some rock with odd instrumentation and tonal choices, 2 vocalists taking turns singing moving back and forth between the two organically, or just something to check out for your next road trip, check this record out.

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