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Before he took out the garbage with his brother Charlie, before coaching the Mighty Ducks to winning a championship and before he was the three dimensional jock serving Saturday detention Emilio Estevez was repossessing alien cars that melted your face off. A hodgepodge of action, comedy and sci fi, REPO MAN is kinda impossible to pigeon hole, but is all the better for it. Estevez plays Otto Maddox, an aimless Angeleno teen with no prospects, that is until repossession agent Bud (Harry Dean Stanton) recruits him into the Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation and Otto’s life as a “repo man” provides him with the all the dangerous thrills he could ask for as he takes back cars from the lowest of the low. That ain’t nothing, though, as a mysterious car which emits fatal radiation from its trunk is cruising the streets of LA, hunted down by some government suits because of ties to UFOs. Come see a Brat Packer take on E.T. tonight at the Brattle Theatre in 35mm, natch.

9:30pm // Brattle Theatre // $10 General Admission, $8 Student, $7 Senior

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