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7 zines from 2017 to pack for 2018


To equip yourself for the unexpected, to stay highly educated and informed, and to know where your good citizens are, make note of these zines from 2017 by some of the most prolific zinesters in Mass.


Boston Compass, Boston Hassle, issue #83-94

Obviously if nothing else interests you about a zine, at least support a publication dedicated to promoting underground artists in New England.

Read current and past issues here: https://bostonhassle.com/boston-compass/



The Beat by WTBU, December, “One Hit Wonderland”

Nostalgic, entertaining, and informative this serial will be something to look forward to in 2018 but check out the December issue to reminisce about one hit wonders.

Read the December issue here:  https://issuu.com/thebeatofboston/docs/one_hit_wonderland 





Are Dwarves Growing My Weed?; Goblins in my City?; and Nymphs in my MBTA? by Dr. Jane (EARTHWURMS)

This trio will keep the anarcho post-apocalyptic spark alive inside of you. Education will be the upmost importance in 2018. Stay informed and choose to believe.




Utopia Is by Lily Xie

This zine will be your safety line in 2018. If you stray too far with you hustle, you loose sight of your goals, or everything gets too real, this zine will inspire you to imagine a better community/city/world and bring life back to a rose-colored focus.




It’ll Be Alright by Liz Bolduc

Liz Bolduc illustrates daily vignettes from a two week period, November 29-December 14, which depict the doubt, anxiety, and loneliness that impact one’s mental health. A lesson to our future selves is on page one so let’s make a promise in 2018 to not call ourselves ‘stupid’ because we are not stupid.  Deal? Yes, 2018 will be alright.





Crust, poetry by PJ Carmichael (Mass Love) with photographs by Torey Bunish

I’m skeptical of this emo re-emergence phase happening but the photographs of road-kill paired with the wallowing poetry works and I tip my hat to collabs.






Menstruation Happens by Flatline Zines

I am still thinking about this zine and it was my favorite from the year.



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