2020 Year Enders


W Mass outsider troubadour strikes again!


in a year where “everyday it’s halloween”                                                                                            everyday you can wear a frown                                                                                                          a temporary shield from  creeps who tell women to smile  (#1)                                                                i wore a frown when i missed all of you,  i suppose we all wear masks                                                  sometimes, the top “7” things about masks, you have to look people in the eye (#2)                             i don’t open my mouth wide when i speak  i have ugly teeth, and a mask could hide my                              shame (#3)   somewhere in the sunsets at 4:30 pm, i’d wonder how a debate started                           around wearing a mask to protect those who are susceptible to death, it was an                                     exercise in empathy (#4), the whole stomping off their feet, i want life to go                                           back  to normal , as much as Trumpism has so divided us, where the poor                                       always shame the poor, masks became a debate, while we all in the bottom                                         99 % live like paupers, i don’t know why anyone goes to work , with                                                     masks, everyday is halloween (#5), although i dont venture too far                                                           outside these days, sometimes to walk the tiny dogs, larry and heidi, i                                                    find a secret spot in the woods and its meditative, i think Covid                                                                has made people appreciate the beauty of the forests around                                                                them (#6), i dont know when or if things will ever get back to                                                                    normal, maybe people will trust scientists again, maybe                                                                           we can learn to try and help eachother,, i wish i could                                                                   explain the appreciation i have when i do see my friends,                                                                 or people i love, it almost for a brief moment reminds me                                                that theres hope (#7)

Jeffrey Gallagher, Unfortunately
music :  www.tickedofftapes.bandcamp.com
art : instagram : collected_art_n_writing_jfg
live music streams :  stabbing_jeffward

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