5 Questions w/ P Michael of Ono


Boston Hassle: What does ONO collectively enjoy for breakfast?

P Michael: We do love a really good steel cut oatmeal not too sweet with nuts and dried fruit (made that for us in Texas).

BH: How did all those sailor boys get the clap after all?

PM: Well those were different times, being Vietnam and all.

BH: What’s ONO’s favorite on-the-road music?

PM: We listen to a lot of exotic musics, Jazz, foreign stuff,  soundtracks, and local talk radio.

BH: Y’all played your first show back in 1980, on a bill with punk pioneers Naked Raygun. Have Chicago punks always embraced Noise/Art rockers, or have the scenes split over the years?

PM: Ha ha. They never really liked noise art all that much in Chicago, especially back in the ’80.
I guess they have grown up a lil’ bit nowadays. We are entertaining the kids of the old punk rockers that threw shit at us and told us go away back in the day.
BH: What country/city would you most like to be invited to play in?
PM: The Czech Republic is beautiful I’ve heard, or Belgium.
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