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5 Questions w/ Arcadio Falcon, Guitarist Living in Madrid, Spain


Arcadio Falcon, Berklee School of Music grad, and former Boston Hassle writer is now living in Madrid, Spain. Arcadio was kind enough to answer some questions over email for Boston Hassle about what life is like in Spain; the uncertainties, positives, and negatives under lockdown due to Corona Virus.

Boston Hassle: How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your life in Spain?

Arcadio Falcon: Life is frozen right now. The streets are empty, stores and parks are closed and people aren’t allowed to leave their home unless it’s work or health related. Everyone is in a position where they are losing work and the general concern right now is how long this will last. Some people are starting to worry about their houses, food, medicine…

BH: How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your well being/ your communities well being?

AF: So far the community remains strong. There are initiatives being launched everyday (a minute of applause everyday at 8 PM to thank the doctors and nurses, for example) that are keeping society united. In fact, I think the community might be closer now than it was before this pandemic.

BH: What are some positives you see in all this chaos?

AF: This event is very polarizing, it’s exposing the best and worst of human nature. Personally, I think there are more positive things taking place than negative. People are reconnecting with one another and taking some time off the rollercoaster that is technology. I can also feel that the general population is awakening to certain realities that have been hidden for some time (The ineffectiveness of government, the beauty of our health care system and, above all, the absurdity of the monetary system).

BH: How can art act as a guide through all this madness?

AF: I’m seeing a revival of certain art forms like satirical songs or even poetry. People seem to be reconnecting to their inner voice and artists (as usual) are adapting quickly. There is an endless flurry of livestreams, new songs, online poetry festivals, short-film festivals… If you read the comments on these pages you see that people who don’t use art as an expressive tool really find them helpful to disconnect for a bit, sit back and enjoy. I would say art is recovering it’s original purpose: to be medicine for the soul.

BH: What do you envision the end to all this? What are you looking forward to when we can congregate freely again?

AF: I think this is going to escalate until the people of the world finally make a choice. The choice will be between absolute freedom or slavery to the banks, corporations and transnational bureaucracies. I have faith in humanity and I’m confident we will make the right choice when the time comes. I’m definitely looking forward to a brighter future where machines works for us (not the other way around), where criminals rot in jail/hell and where money stops being the center of life.


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