4752 Fest in New Bedford is happening on 10/23/21…what’s the deal??!!

It's a FREE, one day, 9 hour music festival featuring 13 musical acts, 6 venues all in a .9 mile Swath of Downtown New Bedford, Ma.


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So you want us to come to New Bedford?

Devin Byrnes:
Yeah Man, it’s going to be a blast. 13 different acts at 6 different venues all through a short walk around our downtown. It’s free, the weather is supposed to be nice, the musical acts are killer. What’s not to like?

How have folks not entrenched, or at least, let’s say not privy, to underground music react to the fest?

Devin Byrnes:
It’s been pretty positive overall. I think that’s why this format works, it’s all set up to go off throughout a commercial district, so festival goers are intermingling w/the general public. People can walk in off the street and come face to face w/music they haven’t heard before. When we did this 2 years ago, an older set of four people stumbled upon Johnny and the foodmasters tearing the roof off my restaurant and they were receptive. They had a good time for 15 minutes and then went on w/ their night. I think these meldings of scenes and expectations is a really attractive part of what I am trying to do.

How long have you been doing this fest? Is it supported by the city of New Bedford?

Devin Byrnes:
This will be the 2nd time I have done this. The first year was in 2019 and like much of everything else, last year’s fest didn’t happen. So far, I have kept city government separate from the festival. I have steered clear of using city/public space. You can think of it like 6 small shows happening in succession at private businesses through the city’s center.

Tell us about the music we’ll hear if we come out for the fest!

Devin Byrnes
I try to curate an eclectic mix of stuff, all based loosely in elements of rock. Some bands are frenetic and dissonant, some acts are more dreamy or droning. My thought is to not exhaust the Audiences ears or patience which is also the appeal of the format in my opinion. There are built in breaks as the audience and artists shuffle from one venue to the next. You can step out, take a short walk, get some fresh air after witnessing a noise rock band and then emerge in a completely different environment and get taken up in a down tempo dreamy folk act. I think each of the acts are noteworthy for different reasons and I think over the course of 7 hours of music, it really works.

I love to see you doing this fest. What’s next for you and your band Picniclunch? May COVID tides part and sunshine flow to you and your festival this weekend.

Devin Byrnes:
thanks so much.. i think for the band, we would like to get together and hammer out our next album. its something that we have been writing and working on.

Line up for 4752
230- 345 (fiber optics center, 23 centre street)
315-Sugar death whistle
4 to 515 (communal space, 246 Union street)
4-Myles Goulart
515 to 630 (Destination soups,149 union)
515-Blood feeder
630 to 745 (the madlila, 741 Purchase st)
630-G.Gordon Gritty
715-Bridge of flowers
8- 10 Mcfee gallery (104 William st)
8-Baylies band
915- Loud hearts
10 to 11 30 No problemo (813 Purchase st)
10- Black beach
(Map artwork by M.R)
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