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A Chicago-area psych concoction is MOONRISES. Constructed from parts of bands like PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND, TIGER HATCHERY, and QUICKAILS this is where psychedelic music can travel to if not tamed by preexisting notions and when populated by free minded players of the appropriate dexterity and power. Monstrously awesome, and amazing is this band. Viewed and heard from a distance there is a clear ode to late 60s and onward psych, San Fransisco and Germany. And it is from this distance that many psychedelic music fans may gain entry. But as you draw closer to the sounds, and those making them it becomes more and more and more obvious that those sounds are but a template, a plane for this ensemble to expand out upon. This music is at turns, droning and melodic, noisy, and experimental. Twists and turns arrive and pass, and you might have to start their tracks over and over and over again and listen more closely each time to fully get the picture unfolding before your ears. This is music to love. Music to hold dear. Music to share. Music to listen to on a porch, with friends, in the darkness of a summer evening, to let you mind wander to, to ponder the dankness of the universe through. New psychedelic + music, backward knowing and forward thinking. Good gods. Their record FROZEN ALTERS came out earlier this year: “Radiation” is a drifter, a droning chant song. Listen to that guitar creep, and curl all along, a snake in the fog. And the “Ivy Maze” features the group’s amazing vocalist Libby Ramer dangerously, and seductively crooning away over a wonderful organ riff, while guitar and bass meander beautifully and the beat drives on. Halfway through the whole thing begins anew, creeping on out of the scene with the best jam THE DOORS never reached. Hard to say anything less than that this record pulls me right back into psychedelic fan mode. These psychedelic clothes fit very loosely on this bunch. Awesome. Out on the incredible CAPTCHA RECORDS. Catch MOONRISES in Boston again tonight (5/9) at Deep Thoughts JP.

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