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Andrea Pensado is a New England noise heroine and we got to talk with her!

Catch Andrea's Hassle Plague Series performance on Sunday 3/14 @ 8pm on the Hassle Youtube Channel.


Tune into Andrea Pensado’s stream on the Hassle Youtube Channel @ 8pm on Sunday 3/14!

Dan Shea:
So happy to finally get a show together with you! If you remember you were supposed to be our first virtual show during the pandemic! It didn’t work out, but almost a year later we’ve finally done it! Have you been doing many virtual performances?

Andrea Pensado:
Yes, I have played some. It’s been so interesting! Honestly, I still think all this is surreal to say the least. Dealing with the technical aspect of it plus trying to actually play some music is certainly nerve wracking. But I must say it’s been rewarding in spite of all the awkwardness. Like the feeling when I am playing and I am not really sure whether it’s going through or not…ha!

What’s the future of your great Sonorium series look like? Will it return post-pandemic?

Oh yes! It will definitely continue. We did one live stream show in November. The performers were Greg Kelley and Jenifer Gelineau. It was at the SATV with no audience and following of course all the protocols. We will probably do one or two more with no audience and then let’s see what happens and how things develop. It’s hard to tell right now. I’m in no rush.

You just took part in the virtual 2021 XFest. How was it?

t was amazing! We could actually hear each other so well. Plus I enjoyed the other sets so much. It’s quite incredible how much we have all learned during the last year. Something like that would have seemed almost impossible one year ago.
And it’s so inspiring to see how everybody tries their best to try to keep things rolling in spite of the challenges…

Are you missing performing live? And if so, what are you missing most about performing live?

Yes, I definitely miss performing live. I miss the energy inherent to live performances, both as a performer and as audience. And needless to say I miss the people!

What can we expect from sunday’s stream? And what’s next for you? And releases in the works?

Well, the funny thing with the stream shows is that I have worked a little with visuals. I had never worked with images before, so it’s been interesting for me to put my hands into that!
I sent the material already for a release coming up later during the year on Flag Day Recordings from Philly. There’s also a split tape with Jacob Winans coming up. I have no idea what’s next for me. I try not to think about the future. I have some nice shows in the next months that I am looking forward to. I guess I’ll keep teaching and making music as much as I can and hopefully get vaccinated soon!

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