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Glochids – an awareness of perfection in our minds


The distinct crackle seeping into the corners of your mind. A voice speaking as intermittent n frequencies bend around your eardrum, sparsely sliding and tapping to create an atmosphere that you are able to step inside of. The subtle tones ring out, charging the elements deep inside of your soul. The newest release on Enmossed is a long form mix by Glochids, the longtime project of James Roemer, whose releases on Lime Lodge, Ascetic House, Phinery, and Weird Ear demonstrate his capacity to open doors to unexplored areas of the mind.

Spanning nearly 2 hours, “an awareness of perfection in our minds” is a blissful excavation into a realm of sound collage, mixing field recordings, synthesis, shaping a wide variety of other musicians sounds to create a tactile landscape that is barely tethered to this planet. Invoking feelings ranging from harmonious bliss to hypnotic unease as your spatial orientation becomes unbalanced by the continuously evolving compositions.

Opening each side with Chris Watson describing the soundscapes amongst the sea ice on Antartica, whose words blending into the compositions of Éliane Radigue create a subtle hypnotism luring you into a molten sea of sounds from the buoyant tones of Félicia Atkinson, Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s heart churning “Sunset Village” and mind-melting compositions formed by layering together fragments of pieces by artists like id m theft able, Visible Cloaks, and Unguent.

“an awareness of perfection in our minds” lucidly wanders amongst the landscape of your mind evoking memories, daydreaming of open spaces that are both familiar yet you have never been. There exist a cascading sonic presence and an ability to cause some sort of slipping into different realms of consciousness, folding reality into an evolving drip, the droplets pool, and new lifeforms emerge, blended together but each its own unique organism. I had the pleasure of listening to this tape on many long drives through many different Massachusetts landscapes, with Glochids’ stellar curation of soothing and disjointed compositions stimulating and guiding my wandering mind in and out of dense entanglements of thought and reflection.

“…this awareness of perfection in our minds makes all the difference in what we do. Moments of perfection are indescribable but a few things can be said about them. At such times we are suddenly very happy and we wonder why life ever seemed troublesome. In an instant, we can see the road ahead free from all difficulties, and we think that we will never lose it again. All this and a great deal more in barely a moment, and then it is gone. But all such moments are stored in the mind. They are called sensibility or awareness of perfection in the mind. We must surrender the idea that this perfection that we see in the mind or before our eyes is obtainable or attainable. It is really far from us. We are no more capable of having it than the infant that tries to eat it. But our happiness lies in our moments of awareness of it… If any perfection is indicated in the work it is recognized by the artist as truly miraculous so he feels that he can take no credit for its sudden appearance.” :: Agnes Martin, “On the Perfection Underlying Life” (1973)

all proceeds to The Village in Oakland (Oakland CA) –

tracklist ::

Éliane Radigue

Chris Watson

Satoshi Ashikawa

Parker Davis

Nicola Ratti

id m theft able

Michel Banabila

David Grubbs

Charles Amirkhanian

Danielle Lemaire

Klein & Lack

Ensemble de gongs des Lawae

Félicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Richard D. James (arr. James Devane)


Miyako Koda

id m theft able

Visible Cloaks


Wim Mertens

Cremation Lily


Éliane Radigue

Chris Watson

Sam Plattner

Moss Harvest

Paul Hindemith (arr. Peter Pichler)

Howard Skempton

Félicia Atkinson

Wim Mertens

Bernard Parmegiani



Yves Tumor

G.S. Sultan

Evan Ziporyn

Derek Bailey

Jake Meginsky

Marc Barreca

Lloyd Cole

Oren Ambarchi

François Bayle

Satoshi Ashikawa

Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Crawling With Tarts

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