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Compact Cassette 1 offers two sides of abstract, psychedelic, techno deconstruction from two of Germany’s (both by way of Italy) most interesting acts around today. On the A side, CSA’s “The Probe 2012-2016” features seven tracks of techno melted into industrial-influenced ambient drone with moments verging on industrial noise (“Down Town Pandemonium,” for example). The ethereal, trance-like feel is regularly contrasted by harsh, disorienting metallic clatter from dissolving beats and buried scrapes. There’s a lot to love here for technoise and German techno fans alike.

Lucindo’s side, “Neanderthal,” opens with a track of psychedelic white noise before moving onto outer space primitivist beats still embracing the psychedelia. Lucindo goes so far on “Undercave” as to push the blasting drum machine into territory approaching goregrind, while throughout the rest of his side feeling more confident to dwell in tripped-out ghettotech-esque beats with modular baselines and incorporating industrial elements to more rhythmic effects than CSA.

If you’ve ever felt like techno has grown stale, these two acts will renew your faith. Tapes may still be available from 3TH Records. Don’t let them slip through your fingers.

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