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Linda Sharrock/ (In) The Abyssity Of The Grounds ‎– Gods


LINDA SHARROCK, demon jazz vocalist, best known for her wild and breathtaking collabs with her one time husband (guitarist great SONNY SHARROCK) has periodically allowed a trickle of experimental sounds to emerge from her aura over the years. Now is one of those times, and although now approaching the world post-stroke, Sharrock has switched her game up as it were, reaching further into her own primal core to source her vocal barrage.

(IN) THE ABYSSITY OF THE GROUNDS is the group that is pushing her on toward the edge with their own colorful, messy, and marvelous free jazz… eruption. That’s Theresa Eipeldauer (voice), Mario Rechtern (soprano, alto, baritone, saxoline, voice), Max Bogner (guitar, electronics, voice), and Didi Kern (drums) for those keeping track at home. Guttural and word free (from what I’ve heard thus far) LINDA SHARROCK is still channeling the banshee on these recordings. Really amazing to hear her in action in 2016. GODS is the name of the album in question. 3 LPs worth. I’m thankful for the opportunity to hear this music. I’ll be even more thankful if we can get Linda and her crew up here to Boston for a live situation in 2017. Stay tuned…

Streams are hard to come by for this one. With a little searching you can find some more snippets out there though (I suggest it). Record released in very small quantity by GOLDEN LAB RECORDS.

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