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Golden Retriever — 2


Portland, OR’s GOLDEN RETRIEVER have just released a stunner via DEBACLE RECORDS. Actually a vinyl re-release of a very limited CD-R from 2010, this is the first I’m hearing of this long-form improvised electro-acoustic amazingness, and I’m thinking that goes for most of yous as well which is why I am breaking Hassle cardinal rule #397, no re-releases. I’m happy to break the rule though, just as this music broke my mind. Cosmic.

Perfect for my end of the day exhaustion/euphoria is this improvised music concocted of analog modular synthesizer by Matt Carlson, and Jonathan Sielaff on bass clarinet and effects. More worthy drone synth magic needs to invade the world of free jazz, and surely more free jazz needs to invade the world of drone synth magic. Check out GOLDEN RETRIEVER’s most recent release SEER, and Matt Carlson’s ALL MOMENTS album that came out on NNA a ways back. Thank you guys, I needed this right now, and I’m bathing in it.



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