Bang! Bros. — “A4”


A music video from the fried electro-acoustic Northeast US trio BANG! BROS., “A4” appears to be a single (?!) off their newest self-titled album. The band is a trio these days, a wild upheaval of a defection from their well-known, long-running, and award-winning (not to mention record-holding) duo formula. But this change appears to be true fact. Andy Allen, well known in maverick saxophone circles as a hippie badass, has joined the band. Mark Johnson and Arkm Foam are still present as the BANG pillars that they have come to be.

“A4” is a yet another departure for the band, a mellow and (seemingly) synth (or more likely synth component of some drum machine) heavy churn that eventually envelopes your (my) whole head in its grasp (the molecules that compose the mist pouring into our head holes, filling it up). Allen’s sax staggers alongside the grumbling bass drum for the second half of the track. There might be a leak back in there as well. It sounds like a leak anyway. Very watery. Very interesting tune, basically leaving the whole world of amazing open to what BANG! BROS. can be. As for the video, hopefully you like PEANUTS (I don’t).

The new self-titled record, which I really don’t know anything else about (when it comes out, how many tracks, and all that good stuff), was recorded by scuzz-rock hero Kellzo in Philly in the fall of 2014. I cannot wait to hear this album, as BANG! BROS. are one of the more exciting groups going in the noise sphere, if you ask me.

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